Katie Hopkins lambasts 'lazy working mothers' who are over a size eight in latest rant

Former Apprentice contestant calls Kelly Brook 'a chubster' and claims she doesn't 'buy that working mothers don't have time to exercise' in new interview

Katie Hopkins clearly isn't finishing stirring up hatred with her vicious comments over baby names and ginger hair, as now she's taking aim at "lazy working mothers" who are over a size eight.

Katie Hopkins has labelled working mothers who say they don't have time to exercise as 'lazy' [Rex]The former Apprentice contestant is set to feel the wrath from women everywhere with her latest comments, where she lambasts mothers for not hitting the gym and labels Kelly Brook a "chubster."

In her latest tirade, the 45-year-old tells Closer magazine: "I just don't buy that working mothers don't have the time to exercise.

"Can't they just leave their kids with a friend for 20 minutes while they go for a run? There's always an answer.

"All working mums could be a size 8 like me if they put in a bit of effort. They're just lazy. It's not hard!"

She vows: "I believe in the saying, "eat less, move more.""

Not content with ending her tirade there, the mother-of-three then moved her attack on to one of the nation's most infamous pin-ups, Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook was labelled a "chubster" by Katie Hopkins in the interviewDespite regularly topping sexiest women in the world polls and being a firm lads mags' favourite, Katie claims Kelly "could work harder" and is actually a "chubster."

She continues: "There are loads of celebrity women who need to try harder, too. Take Kelly Brook for example.

"I agree with Jordan on this one. Kelly is quite a chubster. She could work harder on her body!"

Katie's latest comments come after her rant about children's names, where she claimed she won't let her children play with children with names like Tyler or Charmaine.

In an interview on This Morning, she admitted to judging schoolchildren by their names and refuses to let her children play with anyone named after a geographical location.

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