Couture Fashion Week: The 9 best things that have happened so far

Haute Couture Fashion Week has been a showstopper so far, here's our recap of the not-to-be-missed moments

You may be aware that Couture Fashion Week is happening right now over in super-chic Paris.

Perhaps you saw all the kerfuffle about Kristen Stewart's teeny-tiny new tattoo, or heard that Rihanna adorned her breast area with a lot of pearls - or maybe you saw that the legendary Naomi Campbell walked for Versace for the first time in 14 years.

But we bet you didn't know that a superhero hit the catwalk; that fishermen chic got a mention and that we learnt more about human biology than we did in our entire time at school?

Well, you do now. Check out the 9 best things that have happened at Couture Fashion Week so far:

1. An actual superhero hit the catwalk

Move over Batman [Rex]Yeah, you heard us right. Catwoman was in the house. And she's ditched that totally out-of-date PVC catsuit for a bang-on-trend look. Big thanks to Oscar Carvallo, who got her on board for the occasion.

2. Giant gold pea pod heads are fashion, FYI

She ate so many of her vegetables, she turned into one [Rex]Our mums were always telling us to eat our greens when we were growing up. If only she'd told us that if we ate enough peas our heads would transform into giant pea pods made of gold, we might have listened.

3. Naomi Campbell was there! NAOMI FRIGGIN' CAMPBELL!

It's NAOMI CAMPBELL! That is all [Rex]Yep, that's right - the runway QUEEN hit the catwalk for Versace looking hot, hot, hot. And yes, before you ask, that trademark pout that gives us chills was present and correct.

4. Dior loves Miami Vice, who knew

Miami Vice called, they want their jacket back [Rex]It's one thing to have secretly loved it back in the 80s, but quite another to bring it back on the 2013 runway. And the air hostess-inspired neckscarf? We're not raving.

5. Stephane Rolland should expect a lot of calls from keen fishermen

You could hide a pasta belly in here and no one would know [Rex]Waders have never looked as chic as when Stephane Rolland sent a model down the runway in a tailored black pair. But don't worry if you've got your eye on these and aren't into fishing - we reckon they're perfect for a post pig out, pasta belly be gone!

6. Rihanna had a dress made just for her

This Alexandre Vauthier model even walks like Rihanna [Rex]Rihanna needn't feel she had a wasted trip to Paris for the Couture shows, as Alexandre Vauthier ensured there was something for everyone. Particularly Rihanna, who is arguably the only person in the world brave enough to flash this amount of flesh.

7. The most inappropriate prom dress ever hit the catwalk

Reckon this may raise a few eyebrows at the school prom [Rex]Mums and dads everywhere should avert their eyes, as just when you thought you'd talked your daughter out of some revealing prom dress creation - this landed on the runway. It's enough to put the fear in all of us.

8. Someone made a dress out of an actual alien lifeform

We love nude, camo nude not so much [Rex]We were still on the fence about the existence of aliens until we checked out the Iris Van Herpen catwalk. At first glance it's just one big nude outfit, but on reflection it's a mashed up alien made into a halterneck. Genius.

9. We got to see what our insides look like

Wish our insides looked this glamorous [Rex]We didn't pay that much attention in biology at school (hence why we're now not an award-winning surgeon or something), but we definitely weren't aware our insides were this glamorous. Almost makes us wonder why we bother wearing clothes at all.

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Jean Paul Gaultier AW13 Couture - With strong shoulders and a flash of fur, this 90s power suit was made for Ab Fab's Patsy and we love it.
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