Shoppers walk marathon distances for Christmas presents

Women will walk a whopping 31km over the course of their Christmas shopping – though it takes us a full day to make the distance

Good news, ladies! We can all feel less guilty about skipping the gym in favour of Christmas shopping this December, as we reportedly walk three quarters of a marathon while buying all our gifts.

Women walk a total of 19.2 miles while they Christmas shop – and a marathon is only seven miles longer.  We really deserve that extra slice of Christmas cake after that! ©Rex

According to the 1,000 women aged between 18 and 35 quizzed by, the shopping marathon we put ourselves through each year is made harder by top bugbears of colossal crowds (60 per per cent), incessant merry music (six per cent) and claustrophobia.

In fact it’s so bad that the average time it takes for us to wish we could give up and head home is just 25 minutes.

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But not everyone has battled the crowds this year. Almost half of you have apparently done all our Christmas shopping online. Wise move, ladies.

Finding the perfect party dress might be the biggest trial of the entire season, with women admitting they spent an entire day searching the shops for their ideal look. Very, of course, suggest you 'buy it online'.

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