The time of the week women look at their worst revealed

Women look their oldest and most tired on a Wednesday afternoon, as the weekend and work stress combine to stress us out

Bad news, ladies, this afternoon at 3.30 we will look the worst we will all week.

Wednesday afternoon is when we look oldest, feel most stressed and suffer from a supreme dip in energy levels.Wednesday afternoon is the time women hit the biggest slump of the week ©Rex

This is due to the effects of late nights at the weekend kicking in plus Wednesday being voted the busiest and most stressful day of a typical week.

A poll of women by St Tropez found that a quarter of women feel stressed several times a week, with a fifth admitting they’ll work through their lunch hour on a Wednesday.

Though Monday might be a trial as we struggle with ‘social jetlag’ after a weekend of fun, it’s not until Wednesday that the effects of too much booze and partying make their appearance on your face.

St Tropez skin expert Nichola Joss explains: "Processing the toxins in alcohol and sugar can put strain on the body.

"It can take up to 72 hours for the visible effects of alcohol to show, so the effects of drinking on the weekend may not present themselves until Wednesday afternoon."

It also doesn't help that 12 per cent of us ditch our skincare routines midweek too.By Wednesday more than a tenth of us have ditched our skincare regime ©Rex

"Even if a woman doesn't wear make-up, it's essential to cleanse the face of build up from everyday pollution," insists Nichola. "Letting these build up clogs the skin making it duller and drier, and superficially older."

And lack of sleep is a key culprit too. The average woman in the UK gets just six hours and 43 minutes of sleep a night and 37 per cent said Monday night was when they’re most likely to sleep badly. So it’s no surprise that it catches up with us by Wednesday.

“For maximum anti-ageing benefits it's essential women get 7 to 8 hours sleep a night,” advises Nichola.

"Too little and your skin cells can't rejuvenate, too much can result in puffy, older looking skin."

But if we can just get past wearying Wednesday, happiness awaits. According to the survey, Thursday is the day women are most likely to have sex, which could certainly be one of the reasons 60 per cent of us vote Friday as the happiest day of the week.”

St Tropez ran the survey to celebrate the launch of its Gradual Tan Plus Anti-Ageing Face. If you need a pick-me-up this afternoon, check out this round up of our favourite reviving and rejuvenating products guaranteed to beat the Wednesday 3.30pm blues.