Women go up a dress size every year just from afternoon snacking

Poor lunch choices mean we’re reaching for unhealthy snacks mid-afternoon and putting on weight

Women go up a dress size every year just by snacking in the afternoon, according to a new study.

Poor lunch choices mean we’re reaching for unhealthy snack options in the afternoons and putting on weight in the process.

Women go up a dress size just by snacking on the wrong things mid-afternoon © RexThe study of 2,000 people found that almost half of people thought they’d put on weight in the past year just from bad snacking alone.

Women are going up half a stone (a whole dress size) just by choosing the wrong snacks in the afternoon.

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Biscuits are the most popular snack, with 42 per cent of respondents reaching for the tin in the afternoon, while more than a third of people snacked on crisps and chocolate.

The reason for this bad snacking is because people aren’t feeling satisfied with their lunchtime meal, according to the study.

Biscuits were the worst offender with 42 per cent of people reaching for the tin © RexOffice workers fared worst, with more than half of them saying they reached for a snack in the afternoon after a dissatisfying lunch.

“We were aware time-poor office workers can find it difficult to easily access a nutritional lunch, but we were really shocked by the extent to which 'quick fix' lunches are affecting weight gain and general wellbeing,” said Simon Staddon of The Village Bakery, which conducted the study.

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“Popular mid-afternoon 'pick me' ups such biscuits, chocolate and cakes are high in calories, saturated fat and full of sugar, all of which affects your blood sugar levels and ultimately leads to weight gain."

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