We're a nation of hopeless romantics who 'still believe in love at first sight'

Brits still believe they'll fall in love on a first meeting despite many never having experienced it

It seems we're a nation of hopeless romantics, as many of us still believe in love at first sight.

A staggering three quarters of us still believe it's possible to fall in love with someone just be setting eyes on them, it's been revealed today.

Brits are a nation of hopeless romantics according to a new survey ©RexA new study has revealed that Brits are less cynical about romance than you might expect, as while most of us have never experienced love at first sight - we still dream it might happen.

Whether we've all watched The Notebook too many times remains to be seen, but just 30 per cent of us believe love at first sight is a myth - with only four per cent saying it takes years to fall in love.

While nine out of 10 Brits admitted they'd never experienced falling for someone just by looking at them, an overwhelming number of us have experienced lust at first sight.

Nearly all of those who took part in the survey revealed they'd lusted after someone after first meeting them - with, unsurprisingly, the figure being higher for men that women.

Most Brits still believe in love at first sight ©RexParticipants in the poll, which was conducted by TheLoveBuggy.com, were also asked to name celebrities who had fallen in love at first sight - with Kate Middleton and Prince William among the list.

Speaking about the research, a spokesman from TheLoveBuggy.com revealed: “The concept of love at first sight has been around ever since Adam first copped eyes on Eve’s shiny apple.

“But with everyone these days leading such hectic and busy lives we thought it would be interesting to find out if anyone out there still believed in it.

“It’s fair to say we’ve been surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to our survey.

"It seems most of us still believe that it’s possible to fall for a stranger just by sight, even if the vast majority of us have never had the experience."

The study also polled the parts of the country where romance was said to be at its strongest, with the north-west revealed as the most romantic place in the UK.

Just 59 per cent of Londoners said they believe in love at first sight, compared to almost eight out of 10 people in the north west.

“The regional differences are interesting as well," the site's spokesman added.

"Londoners are so busy avoiding eye contact on the tube so perhaps it’s only to be expected that less of them would entertain the idea although a clear majority still did.

“But the further north you go the more romantic people seem to become. At least until you get as far as Manchester.

“After that it dips a little with Geordies proving a little more cynical and then the Scots taking a much cooler view of things.

“But the overall picture was hugely heart-warming for those of us who believe that love at first sight can happen all the time.”

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