Watch Rihanna Reveal The Inspiration Behind Her Debut River Island Collection

We can't wait to see results of Rihanna's collaboration with River Island when the singer debuts her first collection at London Fashion Week next month, and as if to whet our appetite the British high street label have just released a teaser video where the Diamonds singer reveals the inspiration behind the range.

Watch Rihanna Reveal The Inspiration Behind Her Debut River Island Collection

In the clip Rihanna is seen leaving her hotel in a Kenzo sweatshirt and cap before arriving at River Island HQ to talk through her ideas with the team of designers. She explains, "I've wanted to design my own fashion line for a very long time. This is something I've wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion. I got passionate about it and every time I saw something on a rack there would be something I'd want to do to it to change it so I felt like the only way I could do that would be to design the perfect thing for me. This is my way of doing that - teaming up with River Island and designing clothes for young women with young sassy personalities."

Watch Rihanna Reveal The Inspiration Behind Her Debut River Island Collection

The singer also has plenty of praise for Brit style: “The British high street has the most fashionable kids. In the UK they have so much fashion and I feel like the high end designers are inspired by these kids so I figured why not go to the source if you want to stay ahead of the trend. That's why I wanted to work with River Island.”

And when it comes to her own personal style, it seems RiRi takes an ecclecic approach to fashion. She says: “My style is inspired by my mood so this collection will have a range of different moods and attitudes and I'm assuming my fans will be the same way. The collection is casual and chic and flirty. I want girls to really want to wear the pieces and feel comfortable, but still feel edgy and I wanted the character to come out in the clothes without trying too hard. It's just simple.”

Watch the video below and let us know if you'll be shopping Rihanna for River Island.

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