VOTE: Who’s the best dressed celebrity of 2012?

Emma Watson, Jessica Biel and Miranda Kerr were some of the most fashionable stars this year, but who will you choose as the best dressed celeb?

So far you voted Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as just two of the best dressed celebrities of 2012.

But Twilight actress Kristen Stewart had some stunning red-carpet outfits and Jessica Alba always looked effortlessly fashionable.

Best dressed celebrities of 2012: Will you vote for one of these stars? © Rex / WENNWere you a fan of Kylie’s bright summer style? Did you love Nicole Scherzinger’s X Factor looks? And where does Olivia Palermo’s high-end fashion get her?

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Check out our gallery of the most fashionable celebs of 2012 and then vote for your best dressed star.

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Who's your best dressed celebrity of 2012?

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