Body language expert explains Victoria Beckham's very PDA with eldest soon Brooklyn

VB's softer side is was on show at the Harper's Bazaar Awards, and our experts explains how her body language demonstrates Brooklyn's her new hero

The Beckhams have never shied away from public displays of affection - think matching leather outfits and underwear commercial billboard shots.

But it seems it's not David who's top of Victoria's affections these days.Victoria Beckham plants an affectionate kiss on her son Brooklyn in front of the cameras [REX]

She's now more often than not seen accompanied to events by her eldest son Brooklyn, and on the pair's latest outing, the 14-year-old did well not to squirm as VB couldn't resist a little of the 'embarrassing mum' act.

Body language expert Judi James tells us that the PDA between mum and son at the Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards tells us a lot about how their relationship is developing as Brooklyn grows up.

"It's interesting to see how much Victoria has transferred her body language techniques from David to her son, almost using her signals to bestow her sense of pride and ownership down to the next generation," Judi says.

"On the one hand she's kissing Brooklyn like a devoted mum at the school gates, but on the other she seems to be signalling the fact that he's now a grown guy and her new hero."Brooklyn didn't seem to mind his mum's affectionate move [REX]

Judi also thinks the tender moment shows the Victoria that we're assured exists behind the often frosty perception of the fashion designer, who's often criticised for her unsmiling expression.

"This kiss shows a much warmer version of Victoria from the vogue poses she's been adopting recently on the red carpet."

And it's not just Victoria who comes across well in the exchange. Victoria Beckham posed with her eldest son Brooklyn at the Harper's Bazaar event [REX]

"Brooklyn show high levels of confidence too," Judi notes.  "Most young guys would have been wilting at the thought of such a comprehensive PDA from their mum!"

But then, most mums aren't Victoria Beckham!