Victoria’s Secret model loses an arm to airbrushing

Another Victoria’s Secret model has become a victim of overzealous airbrushing

When it comes to Photoshop blunders Victoria’s Secret are well known for making errors.

This time, a photo on the Victoria’s Secret website that promoted a lace flyaway babydoll has stirred up an airbrushing debate online.

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Has this Victoria's Secret model lost an arm? © Victoria's Secret

In the image it appears a model’s left arm has been totally cut out, so all she is left with is her hand that floats midair beside her body. But if you take a closer look from another angle, her arm is there just hidden in the shadow.

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We can’t decide whether this is another VS photoshop fail or just terrible case of airbrushing?

Now the image has been removed from the website and replaced with a suitable photo of a model showing two arms.

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This isn’t the first model to fall victim to amputation by the Victoria’s Secret art team. Back in 2011 Marissa Miller lost an arm in an ad for the lingerie brand’s spring/summer collection and unlike this recent error it wasn’t hard to spot – it was obvious. 

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