The very easy Curvy Girl's Part Time Diet and me

An easy diet for curvy food lovers - The Curvy Girl's Diet by K Jones

To diet or not to diet? That is the question that usually pops into my head when faced with any type of food situation.

I seem to be on a perpetual diet. I have attended countless slimming clubs, but rather than sick to the diet, on weigh in days I would cheat by removing as many items of clothing as I possibly could in a public place, before standing on the scales in the hope that I would appear to have lost a pound or two. Once, I stupidly wore a heavy sweater and jeans to my club and ended up 4 pounds heavier. After that I made sure to weigh my clothes before attending classes. You just can't leave anything to chance these days.

Usually in order to shed a few pounds before an occasion I opt for the little black dress diet. However, this year I found a rather bizarre diet that seems to have method in its madness. This new diet suits my hectic way of life down to a tee. I have been on the diet for 8 weeks now and so far I have lost 12 pounds. My weight loss has not been rapid but it has been steady. Each time I step on the scales I am surprised to see the pounds come off because the diet is so easy to follow.

The diet is called The Curvy Girl's Diet by K Jones and is designed for people who like to eat. There are three diets in the series. I am following The Part Time Diet. The principle of the diet is that during a 7 day period you eat as follows:

Day 1 you consume 850 calories

Day 2 you consume 950 calories

Day 3-7 you consume 1900 calories per day

There are a few guidelines that you need to follow such as simple exercises that fit into your day, as well as consuming fluids.

There are a number of menus and recipes for you, too, which I found very helpful. Especially during the restricted calories days because I like to feel full and was not sure what I could eat.

I find it easy to stick with the plan because there are so few restrictions around food. I can eat out at restaurants, buy a ready made sandwich during my lunch break or have a drink in the evenings.

After following the plan for a few weeks my clothes have started to fit better and this in turn has encouraged me to reduce my food portions, especially during my evening meal. I have also become more conscious of what and when I eat.

There are two other diets in the book. The Chocolate Lovers Diet and The Ready Made Meals Diet. I plan to try them both at some point in time.

I still have a few pounds to go before I reach a sensible weight but for the first time in my life I feel I can achieve it.

Diets are not for everyone. We all know that a healthy attitude to food is the best lifestyle for maintaining a healthy weight. However, if for whatever reason you decide to diet, it may be advisable to check with your doctor first before embarking on any weight loss plans.