Meet United Colors of Benetton’s nine new personalities

Team of colour ambassadors revealed to launch the new United Colors of Benetton S/S13 collection

A diverse team of models has been recruited to celebrate the new spring/summer 13 collection from the United Colors of Benetton.

Known for its bright colours, the brand has reinterpreted colour for this season, looking at how particular shades make us feel. Charlotte Free is known for the striking colour of her hair

And for the first time it has incorporated the back stories and personalities of the models into its campaign, chosen for their relationship with colour.

Models include Charlotte Free, who as well as being known for her bubblegum pink hair, has synesthesia, which means her brain mixes up the senses.

“I relate colours in different ways than other people do. Like yellow is three, red is four, blue is two, one is white,” she explains. “Colours, I’ve always had a thing that relates colors to sounds and textures and objects and things.”
Model and actor Dudley O’Shaughnessy was a boxer
Fellow model Dudley O’Shaughnessy explains how colour has been vital to his life as a mixed race child growing up in East London and Tunisian model Alek Wek uses colour to show how she’s feeling.

“For me, colors give me – they bring out how Alek is feeling on the inside. When you put on a color, it could be the same, exact same sweater but, I don’t know, in black, and it just translates completely different.”

The clothing range includes a wide palette but also keeps to its traditional simple styles. Expect an explosion of colour in the windows of stores, on the website and social media very soon.Alex Wek uses colour to express how she feels

Chairman Alessandro Benetton  adds: “The iconic value of color – a founding value for United Colors of Benetton and once again at the centre of our aesthetics and communications – to give a powerful assertion of the identity and excellence of this brand, which holds diversity as a value, and the unity of differences as a wealth to be treasured.”