Top five signs to finding ‘The One’

How to find the perfect partner: New research reveals five ways to know you’ve found your soul mate.

How to find the perfect partner © RexFinding your perfect partner could be a lot easier than we think.

New research has revealed there only five telltale signs to know if you’ve found ‘The One’.

A study of 1,000 male and females revealed what attributes they look for in their ideal partner, with women placing most importance on a man who gives them emotional security.

Women also want a man who can be accepted by their family and someone they can have fun with.

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A man who has the same priorities such as wanting children was more important than them being attracted to him, according to dating website

“People can put too much emphasis on defining the things that make ‘The One’, often at the expense of enjoying the romance of a relationship,” said dating expert Helen Croydon.

“The most important thing is that your partner gives you the confidence and freedom to say what you feel and there’s a genuine empathy between you and a shared feeling being wanted.”

So what are the biggest telltale signs that you’ve found ‘the one’? 

The top five reasons women gave for knowing they had found their companion were:

1. He knows how to make me happy and gives me emotional security.
2. My friends and family see in him what I see.
3. He makes the mundane seem interesting.
4. We share the same priorities in life such as wanting/not wanting children.
5. I am attracted to him and we are physically compatible.

The top five reasons men gave were for finding their perfect partner were:

1.  I am attracted to her and we are physically compatible.
2.  I love her so much I do not desire anyone else.
3.  She knows how to make me happy and gives me emotional security
4.  We share the same life priorities such as wanting/not wanting children
5.  She will look after me well.

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