Top 5 reasons why couples argue during winter

New research finds plummeting temperatures to be the cause of disharmony in households

It's an age-old debate between many couples.

But it's been revealed today that turning the heating up is the number one reason we'll be arguing with our partner this winter.

Couples argue most about central heating during the winter © Rex

New research has revealed that as temperatures plunge, domestic bliss takes a sudden downturn as couples fight over who has control of the thermostat.

And bizarrely, we'll fight with a loved one if we turn the central heating down too - despite our intentions to save money on soaring energy bills.

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We'll also be rowing over who you used up all the hot water, with 96 percent of women revealing this was a huge pet peeve for them.

Opening windows to let fresh air in is also a no-no, if you want to avoid a spat with your partner this winter.

The study, conducted by Polypipe Home Solutions, also revealed the lengths that people went to to get warm and toasty indoors.

Nearly half of people surveyed complained about frosty toes with one in three women admitting that to solve their issue they would place their cold feet on a loved one in bed to feel warmer. Others said they’d cuddle up to someone they didn’t really like, just to get snug.

Lying under a blanket on the sofa, sitting with a pet on your lap or stealing all of the covers from a partner once they are asleep are all popular ways of keeping warm this winter in order to avoid rows, according to the research.

Spokesman Martin Dootson said: “Not being warm enough can often be the main cause friction in an otherwise happy household, so it is no wonder winter woollies are often a popular Christmas gift.”

Top 5 reasons for arguments in the home this winter

1. Turning up the heating

2. Opening windows to let fresh air in

3. Turning heating down to save money

4. Someone using up all of the hot water

5. Insisting on a bath rather than a shower