Top 5 pregnancy books for new mums and dads

Expecting a child is such a wonderful gift. Being pregnant, especially for the first time, brings on a whole host of emotions, from excitement and joy to anticipation and unknowing.

It seems that from the moment of conception your whole world takes on a whole new meaning. Things start to change immediately. Whether these are small changes or large, they will undoubtedly bring on a chain reaction. One of the first things you will want to do is to find out what's happening to you and your baby. What changes can you expect your body to go through and how will you cope.

Then there are thoughts of what it will be like once baby arrives, not to mention the things that you will need physically such as cots, prams and nappies.

The best part of all is that with each change comes a new feeling of excitement and joy like nothing you have ever experienced before.

During my pregnancy I knew many other mums and dads that I could turn to for advice, but I couldn't help wanting to find things out for myself and for that I made use of the internet and good old books.

Here are the ones I found most informative when it came to helping me through from conception to birth and beyond:

1. My Pregnancy by Dr. Jo Girling is a no nonsense guide from conception to birth and beyond.

2. Your Pregnancy with Hilary Pereira is a good down to earth read about pregnancy and all you want to know with tips from parents.

3. The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Kaz Cooke is a nice light-hearted look at what changes a new baby will bring to your life. A very good read.

4. The Expectant Dad's Survival Guide by Rob Kemp is a good read for dads. It's light-hearted, funny and informative.

5. Pregnancy Questions & Answers by Christoph Lees and Grainne McCartan is a good basic guide to answering the questions that seem to pop into your head in the middle of the night. Keep it by the bed.

Where ever you decide to get advice from, the most important thing to remember is that you and your baby come first. I took all the advise I could get and then weighed it all up. Sometimes I would just go with my gut feeling. However, I do have one slight regret which is that I do not have a single photo of myself during pregnancy and if I had any advice to give to you, it would be to get your camera out and become snap happy. I hope you enjoy every minute of your pregnancy as I did.

Any pregnancy books you recommend to friends and family?