Top 5 expert tips to dye your hair darker

As Jennifer Lawrence and Britney Spears reveal new dark brown locks, we speak to a haircare expert about how to get the look at home

It seems Jennifer Lawrence is something of a hair chameleon.

Not content with the stunning blonde locks she showcased on the Oscars red carpet, the actress has recently dyed her hair a striking shade of dark brown.

Jennifer Lawrence debuted new darker locks yesterday © SplashThe Hunger Games actress, 22, may only be dyeing her hair to film scenes for Catching Fire, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t coveting her new glossy locks.

In fact, she’s not the only star to have opted for a darker hue recently, after Britney Spears revealed a chocolate brown shade at the Oscars after party.

We spoke exclusively to Kerry Capewell, Hair Colour Expert for Naturtint, to find out how we can get the look at home.

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1.    Choose the right shade for your skintone

“Neutral dark shades such as brown-black can be sported by a number of skin tones but unless you are feeling brave, should probably be avoided by the very pale as it can make you look washed out,” advised Kerry.

She advises those with olive skin tones to try rich, raven-coloured locks - but you might feel more confident using a dark brown rather than a full on jet black shade like Jennifer’s.

Jennifer Lawrence previously had highlighted blonde tresses © Getty2.    Only apply colour where it’s needed

“It can be easy to over-process the ends of your hair when colouring darker,” says Kerry.

She advises only applying colour to the roots if that’s where it’s needed and not the whole head, as this can dry out the ends of your hair and cause colour build up, leaving an uneven shade.

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If you do find your shade needs refreshing, perhaps use a temporary rinse to maintain the colour in between applications.

3.    Change up your make-up look

Remember to alter your make up accordingly as you may find your features are lost against your new dark locks if you have pale skin.

Britney Spears sported new darker locks (right) at the Oscars after party © Getty4.    Get your ends trimmed regularly

Regular trims will help to reduce split ends - which can be accelerated by colouring.

If moving from light to dark, try also to cut down on your use of heated appliances as this can further dry out the hair and make the colour look dull and flat.

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5.    Don’t go more than two shades darker

It is a good idea to follow the same rule when going darker as you would going lighter – try to stick to just one or two shades darker as this is more likely to suit your natural tones.

If you do decide to move from a very light shade to a dark shade, bear in mind that you might need to add some warmth to prevent it looking dull.

Will you be dyeing your hair darker this season? Let us know over on Twitter now.

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