Top 10 fashion mistakes made by mums

The ten things that sons would never let their mums walk out the door wearing

When it comes to giving fashion advice a mother wouldn’t traditionally count on their son for style tips.

However according to new research mums are now turning to their sons for honest fashion advice rather than their daughters, or even their friends.
Mums are turning to their sons for fashion advice © Rex

That’s because 78 per cent of mums felt they were more likely to get an honest opinion from a style conscious son.

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And when it comes to fashion faux pas, half of the sons surveyed ranked seeing their mums wearing a pair of fishnet tights as their biggest fear.

In terms of celebrity style inspiration the research revealed that sons would most like to see their mums emulate the style of actress Dame Helen Mirren or Loose Women presenter Carol Vorderman.

The celeb look least favoured by the boys was Nancy Dell’Olio’s, who came at bottom of the list of stars they’d like their mums to emulate, according to

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Half of sons say they would express an opinion if they felt their mum was wearing something inappropriate. This list of offenders also includes low-cut tops, leather trousers and shell suits.

Julie Donnelly, head of womenswear buying at said: “The idea of a woman turning to her son for fashion advice may seem to some a little unorthodox. However, many younger British men are now more relaxed talking about fashion and style.

"Mums value an honest and informed opinion on size, shape and what look to go for, whilst also getting a confidence boost, before leaving the front door.”

Top 10 fashion faux pas made by mums, according to sons

1. Fishnet tights
2. Low cut tops
3. Leather skirts / trousers
4. Thigh high boots
5. Skinny Jeans
6. Track suits
7. Double denim
8. Floral Sunday School dress
9. Leggings
10. Running shoes / trainers

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