The beauty secrets women hide from their partners

Having a moustache, underarm hair and chipped nails are just some of the beauty secrets women never want their partners to know about

More than half of women keep a beauty secret hidden from their partner, including waxing their moustache, fixing their fake tan disasters and dyeing their grey roots.

A study of 2,000 women found that 40 per cent of females wouldn’t want their other halves to see their moustache while 35 per cent of women said they didn’t want their partner to see their underarm hair.

Women hide their beauty secrets from their partners © RexHaving unshaved legs is the next biggest beauty secret, with almost a quarter of women (23 per cent) saying they would hide their stubbly legs from a partner.

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Grey roots, streaky fake tan, unkempt eyebrows, unpainted nails and not wearing any make-up complete the list of biggest beauty no-no’s, according to the study conducted by Opinium Research for Clairol Nice n' Easy.

The study also revealed that women spend on average 18 minutes per day beautifying themselves - which equates to one week a year.

But whilst women spend less than 20 minutes prepping and preening ourselves on a normal day, they spend more time getting ready for a night out with friends (40 minutes) and nearly an hour getting ready for a special occasion.

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The time women spend in front of the mirror is worth is though as nearly three quarters of the women surveyed said they felt more confident after their beauty regime and 62 per cent said their beauty regime made them feel like a different person afterwards.

But whilst less than a third of women described themselves as ‘naturally beautiful’ it seems we needn’t worry as 90 per cent of men felt that beauty came naturally to their partners.

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