The sexiest months of the year are revealed - proving summer's hot in more ways than one

The sunshine-filled summer months boost our libido leading to more sex in June, July and August than any other time of year

It's official - summer is sexy. As we see the first hints of the arrival of balmy summer's evenings and long hours of sunshine, there's something else to look forward to - more sex.

August, July and June have been voted the three sexiest months of the year with couples having the most sex, compared to cold winter months February, November and January, where we experience a passion drought.

The sexiest months voted by couples are August, July and June - when the sun's shining ©Rex

The only winter month to make it into the top five sexiest months in the survey by was December, thanks no doubt to the mistletoe, free-flowing champagne and expensive gifts under the Christmas tree.

But it's not just anecdotal evidence that suggest summer is sexier. There are some hard facts behind why our libido increases with the mercury.

SAD, depression and lethargy are all more common in the winter as we have higher levels of melatonin - and these all lead to a drop in our sex drive. Tests have also shown that men have around a third more of the sex hormone testosterone flowing around their bodies in June than in January.

Plus, researchers in France have found that the sunshine makes ladies more likely to flirt and hand out their number to men they're approached by than when skies are grey.

Sunshine boosts our libido - anyone else suddenly considering booking a holiday? ©Rex
Feeling attractive in skin-showing summer dresses and outfits probably has something to do with that too.

Lovehoney co-founder Richard Longhurst said: "We have just had the bleakest winter in history, but now the sun is out and we are all feeling frisky!

"The sun shining changes everyone's moods and, of course, means we are wearing far few clothes.

"It's much easier to flirt and have fun when the weather is warm - and that means are lot more of us are getting it on."

So if you've been experiencing a drought lately, make the most of the sunshine due this weekend!

Here's how the year works out:

1. August
2. July
3. June
4. May
5. December
6. September
7. April
8. October
9. March
10. January
11. November
12. February

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