Sophy Robson creates Olympic nails

Celebrity nail artist Sophy Robson teams up with P&G for Olympic nail designs

The nail designs for South Africa, Brazil, United States, India , UK, France and Jamaica © Sophy RobsonShe’s used to tending to the talons of celebrities including Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung, but this summer Sophy Robson will have a different kind of client.

London’s self-proclaimed ‘flyest nail artist’ has partnered with P&G to provide nail services to athletes and guests at the Olympic Village in Stratford.

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Sophy has created 214 different designs for the countries competing at the London 2012 Olympics, including our very own Team GB.

Her team of 18 nail designers, affectionately called ‘NailPorn’, are all trained to offer these intricate flag-inspired designs.

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Sophy has already shown off some of her nail designs on her Twitter account, where she said “10 out of 214 nail designs I did for the Olympics #nobiggie #whatsyourflag”.

Boris Johnson getting his nails done by Pebbles from Nail Porn at the Olympic Village © Sophy RobsonBut there’s one client we weren’t expecting her team to work their magic on - none other than London mayor Boris Johnson was spotted at the nail bar. Let’s hope he’ll be sporting the Union Jack flag… or on second thoughts, let’s hope it was just a buff and shine.

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Nail designer Sophy has been tweeting about how proud she is of her ‘NailPorn’ team who are working their mani magic at the Olympic Games.

“Nearly all my girls are on site now working on athletes and visitors from the whole wide world..Follow @nailporn for the l8est action #proud”, she tweeted.

Some of the Olympic nail designs created by Sophy's Nail Porn team © Sophy Robson / Nail PornHer nail designs have also proved popular amongst the stars. Last night she tweeted:

“Serena and Venus Williams want their nails did [sic] and One there something in the air tonight?”

We reckon they’ll go for stars and stripes!

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The London-based nail designer has spoken out about being offered the opportunity to design the Olympic nails.

Nail artist Sophy Robson created the Olympic nail designs © Sophy Robson / Instagram"I was honoured to be asked to do nails at this year’s Olympics in the UK. To be a part of such a historical and once in a lifetime event is an opportunity you can not miss,” she said.

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“I have also become fascinated by some of the unique designs on some of the country's flags and how I could translate them on to a nail surface. Seeing them come to life on the Athletes and visitors at the Olympic Village makes me too proud for words."

Something tells us this could be Sophy’s proudest moment to date.

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