Slept with more than 10 people? You may be out of luck finding a boyfriend

Slept with more than 10 people? You may be out of luck finding a boyfriend

Whatever your magic number is (or whatever you tell people it is!) if it’s not a perfect 10, then you may be passed over on the dating scene.

In a new survey, if you have done the nasty with more than ten people – potential partners may see you as being promiscuous.

However, you don’t win any prizes having been a good girl either – as if you have slept with less than 10 people, you may be considered sexually inexperienced.

There's no pleasing some people! 

It makes 10 the perfect number – with both men and women surveyed agreeing it was bang on the right amount of previous partners.

The research carried out by sugar daddy dating site, also found that only 35% of women wanted to know what a man’s total was with the other 65% saying they’d rather not know the truth.

Famous folk that have racked up the numbers include Mick Jagger - who has reportedly slept with 4,000 women, Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow has slept with 1,000 and Russell Brand was supposedly sleeping with three women a day at the height of his promiscuity.

What do you think? What magic number would put you off a man?

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