Semen helps women ‘fight depression’

Chemicals in semen are ‘good for women’, according to new research

Semen, it makes you happy...Semen contains chemicals that make women happier and healthier, according to new research. Whether semen enters the body through sex without using a condom or oral sex, it appears to have a good overall effect on women, reducing depression, increasing affection and encouraging healthy sleep.

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The research at the State University of New York found that women who regularly have sex without using a condom are less likely to be depressed, compared to those who used condoms or who abstained from sex.

Studying the sexual behaviour of 293 women, researchers concluded that it was the semen, and not just regular sex, that makes women happy.

The study didn’t link its findings to the relationship status of the women involved. Though it could be suggested that women regularly eschewing condoms are more likely to being having sex with a single partner in committed relationship, and that this may be the reason for increased happiness levels.

What researchers did suggest was that the chemicals in semen have an effect on the female body. It contains cortisol, which reduces stress, estrone, which improves mood and oxytocin, the ‘cuddle chemical’. It also may improve sleep as it contains melatonin and serotonin.

But on the other hand, condoms protect against STDs, a bout of which might really dampen spirits.

Are you convinced?