Robert Pattinson Smartens Up In Head To Toe Gucci For New Film 'Cosmopolis' (And We Like It)

Robert Pattinson Smartens Up In Head To Toe Gucci For New Film 'Cosmpolis' (And We Like It)

Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer in 'Cosmopolis'

Ok, ok, so we all know Robert Pattinson is a good-looking (super hot) guy but, you’d be forgiven for forgetting it when he hides himself ‘those’ scruffy caps all the time. Which is why we’re more than a little bit pleased to show you these swoon-some new pictures of the actor dressed head to toe in Gucci for his new film 'Cosmopolis'. Just look how smart and handsome he looks! We’d probably rip that suit of him if we weren’t so scared about what Kristen Stewart might do to us.

“We are so pleased to work with Robert on ‘Cosmopolis’ and to create an effortless and classic style for his character,” said Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. And look! The actor has just made an appearance in Cannes, striking a pose inbetween Emily Hampshire and Sarah Gadon for the film's photocall in the sunny French Riviera. We drool.

Emily Hampshire, Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon pose at the

Emily Hampshire, Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon at the 'Cosmopolis' photocall in Cannes

In the film, R-Pattz plays a young billionaire asset manager, Eric Packer, on a twenty-four hour odyssey across Manhattan – hence only having the one suit. Despite traffic jams and a looming financial disaster, Packer risks travelling cross-town in his stretch limousine for a haircut.  During delays including a presidential motorcade, a celebrity funeral, and political protests, Eric receives visitors, both for business and pleasure, in his opulent, high-tech automobile.  As the encounters and the economic crisis intensify, Packer cynically gambles with his clients’ fortunes and his own. All sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? 

Robert Pattinson Smartens Up In Head To Toe Gucci For New Film 'Cosmpolis' (And We Like It)

Grazia Daily spoke to Denise Cronenberg, sister of Director David and costume designer for the film, who admitted that Gucci had been incredibly generous in giving them the suit. “David and I decided what we thought we’d put Robert in,” Denise said, “I then talked to Gucci who were incredible and gave us all his clothes. He’s dressed from head to toe in Gucci from the tie to his socks! And we had no money, like really, no money so we could never have done it without them.” We wonder if they’d like to lend us some clothes too, we’re not going to be in a major movie, but we will put the pictures on facebook…

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