Get Rihanna's toned back

Rihanna checks for back fat...

Fitness First's expert David Perrin says: 'The back is one of the hardest areas of the body to change. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to truly see a difference.'

Try David's three core moves to help ypu slip into your backless party dress, looking toned and feeling confident in no time.

1. Bent-over row

'This is perfect for toning up the middle of your back. From an upright position and with a weight or tin can in hand, bend forward, keeping your back flat. Your arms should be hanging straight in front of you. Slowly squeeze your shoulder blade and bring an arm towards your chest before releasing back to the original position in a controlled manner. You should feel this in the back of your shoulder. Try 10 reps on each arm.'

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2. Overhead press

'This will focus on your back’s outer muscles, the ones just below your armpits. Once again use weights or tin cans. Put your hands straight up over your head. As you bring them down, pull them apart across your chest. Control your movements as you push them back up. If you are in the gym use a lat pull down machine. Try three sets of 10 reps.'

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3. Back extensions

'This final exercise will target your lower back, helping you to strengthen your core and improve your posture. A Swiss ball is ideal for this exercise as it enables a full range of motion. However, you can do this on the floor as well. With your hips on the ball and your feet planted on the floor against a wall, bend fully over the ball. Using your glutes and your lower back muscles extend your back to a neutral spine position. Be careful not to hyper extend. Repeat this motion in a steady and controlled manner for three sets of 10 reps.'

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