Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s maternity style explained by body language expert

Kanye West’s girlfriend is stepping out in revealing, body conscious outfits to make a point that she’s still the same girl as she was before, according to Judi James

Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s unique sense of maternity style has been racking up the column inches of late - she stepped out in four different looks yesterday.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has opted out of maternity fashion and chosen to flaunt her body in similar styles to the ones she wore prior to her pregnancy.

Leading body language expert Judi James believes the reason Kim is sticking to revealing outfits is that she wants the world to know she’s still the same girl she was before she got pregnant.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian stepped out in some revealing outfits recently © Rex‘Kim seems to be in some form of denial, holding back the signs of maternity plus the life changes that accompany it for as long as possible,’ said body language expert Judi James

In the past couple of days, Kardashian has worn outfits that Judi thinks make her look more ‘society girl’ than an expectant mum. 

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‘They are in no way maternity outfits,’ she said.

‘With their tight leather and lace fabrics and and bosom-emphasising and leg-revealing shapes (plus those heels!) they're more 'society girl about town' than mum-to-be.’

Kim is 'in denial' that she's pregnant, according to a leading expert © RexJudi reckons the reason for these flesh-flashing outfits is that Kim wants the world to know she’s still as sexy and sassy as she was before she got pregnant – and that she won’t be changing her style for anyone.

‘It's an interesting experiment and even more interesting to see who she is doing it for. Is it to impress her fans, her partner Kanye West or herself?’ she said.

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Whomever Kim is dressing for – and she’s admitted she’s dressed for her man Kanye in the past - we reckon she could do with a night off from fashion duties.  

‘Let's hope she takes time out to stick on an old trakkie and a pair of tartan slippers and put her feet up now and again,’ agreed Judi.

Kim showed off her figure in body conscious outfits before she fell pregnant © RexWe spoke to leading maternity fashion buyers for New Look, ASOS and Isabella Oliver about the kinds of things Kim - and other expectant mums - should be wearing in their pregnancies.

The pregnancy fashion experts all agreed that a changing body shape shouldn't mean sacrificing a sense of style - but it's about being practical and comfortable as well.

‘When you become pregnant, wanting to look stylish doesn’t suddenly go out of the window. You're still you, just with a different silhouette,' said Baukjen de Swaan Arons, company founder of maternity site Isabella Oliver.

With the likes of Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson and Rochelle Humes all stepping out in fashionable maternity looks recently, our experts reveal the best fashion looks in our top pregnant celebrities in style gallery.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy style? Let us know over on Twitter now.

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