Paris Fashion Week says ‘adieu’ with Chanel and Dior

Chanel, Dior and the fashion Gods of Paris Fashion Week

New York dazzled us with Oscar de la Renta's latest collection; London made us believe that everything is possible even toilet roll bracelets courtesy of Scottish designer Louise Gray; Milan showed us the new edgy but elegant fashion way with Cavalli; and, Paris, well, Paris is the perfect ending to a just as perfect fashion month. Want to know why? Have a look at the next most interesting fashion designers straight from Paris Fashion Week.


Karl Lagerfeld wowed us once again with an incredibly iconic collection. It was classy and elegant just like only Chanel could ever be. The colours were light and the style perfect for women who love being feminine but also sporty and strong. We loved the oversize coats and colourful fur helmets. My favourite outfit was the pink skirt and jack combo with a blue fur helmet; the cut, the style and the quality screamed Chanel.


Dior presented an unforgettable collection inspired to Andy Warhol's early drawings. With Warhol's penned shoes appearing on bags and with his female portraits embellishing bodices and bustiers, Dior's collection also featured crocheted looks and 1920's silhouettes.


Givenchy showed us a tough woman in pencil skirts and transparencies. Experimenting with gothic using black bombers and skirts, Givenchy opted for organza adding a floral twist. The most interesting elements have been fur coats and boho skirts.


Chloe's collection was honest and highly wearable. With quality being tangible, Chloe's colours varied from blue to black, white and gray. Jumpsuits and silk dresses also were some of the most popular elements while rings in the model's ears gave an edgy touch to the whole collection.


Kenzo paid homage to India's temples in this beautiful collection. Bringing the Far Easter silhouettes, Kenzo drew inspiration from Asian temples reinventing their opulent decorations in golds, reds, blues and blacks. With fabrics being just as intricate and going from silk jacquard to rich printed lame, Kenzo's oriental touch was highly praised by the fashion critics and will definitely be a hit next season.


Celine's collection proposed chic lines and elegant cuts. The fashion show played with geometry offering wide horizontal bands of fabrics and triangular wide sleeves. Knee length dresses also found the approval of the experts on the show and will definitely be one of the trends next autumn.


Balenciaga showed an elegant, minimalist collection with rounded shaped coats, knits and embroidery so beautiful you won't be able to stand away next season. Black boots with metal details were one of the most appreciated elements.


How could we forget Vuitton? The new collection proposed nude looks with impeccable embroideries; and with Kate Moss being the shining star of the show, it is easy to predict Vuitton's success next September.