Obese woman sheds 12 stone after being told her two-dinner habit was killing her

After eating two lunches and two dinners every day, a disaster diner dropped from a size 28 to a 12 after being told her eating habit would kill her

A woman who was told her weight would kill her has managed to drop 10 stone by ditching her two lunch and two dinner-a-day habit.

Stacey Smith, 24, would secretly scoff meals while out during the day and then return home for a second home-cooked helping prepared by her mother - seeing her balloon to 22 stone.Stacey lost 12 stone after her worried mum had a heart to heart with her (Masons)

During her school years her mother Marie would prepare her a packed lunch - unaware that Stacey was also receiving free school meals.

And when Stacey got home she would knock up her own evening meal before Marie, 45, returned home from work to lay on a family dinner.

When she reached a size 28, her mum finally sat her down and told her that she was terrified her young daughter would die before her. So Stacey shed the weight - even losing three stones while she was pregnant - and is now a slender size 10 and tips the scales at a healthy 10st 8lbs.

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Norwich-based Stacey admitted. "If she hadn't said it I probably would have [died].  She saved my life."

Stacey says she started piling on the pounds when she was just three years old. Her mum would lovingly prepare home cooked meals unaware that little Stacey was sneaking packets of crisps to eat in her bedroom.

Her secret scoffing continued throughout school and her weight ballooned to 18 stone when she was just 14-years-old.Mum-of-one Stacey says her life has been changed forever by her weight loss (Masons)

"I just started getting bigger and bigger," she explaind

"When I was going to school my mum would give me lunch money but I would get dinners at school too because mum was a single working mum," admitted Stacey.

"She didn't know. I wouldn't really have breakfast but I would go to the shop on the way to school and get crisps and baguettes using my lunch money for that but then I would have lunch at school too.

"I would come home and because mum was out working until the evening I would cook chips in the deep fat fryer.

By the time she reached 19-years-old, Stacey weighed a crippling 21 stone.

"I can remember going to the fairground at Yarmouth with my friends and I'm really scared of heights but I built up the confidence to go on the Mega Drop - the one that goes up really high.

"I got up there and couldn't get the buckle over me.  I had to just get off in front of everyone.  I was really embarrassed, and it just ruined the whole day.

"When I started going out clubbing when I was 18 or 19 all my friends would see blokes coming up behind me and making faces and puffing out their cheeks saying 'fatty' behind my back.

"I would turn around and catch them.  It was horrible."Stacey is now a svelte size 12 (Masons)

She joined Slimming World with mum Marie and lost an amazing 11 pounds in her first week.

Hooked, she lost six stone in the five months before she fell pregnant with daughter Millie-Marie, now two, in April 2009. "When I fell pregnant I was 18 and a half stone but by the time I had her I was down to 15 and a half.

"It is strange to lose weight during pregnancy but I was so big you really couldn't even tell till I was about 30 weeks."

Her new found confidence saw her complete a training course in hairdressing and she can now run around with Millie-Marie without getting out of breath.

"It's brilliant and has changed my life," she said.

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