Your New Year workout: Expert tips for fast fitness results

Dieting this January? Get into shape fast with our expert exercise tips

Many of us will have ditched our fitness regimes over Christmas, meaning we'll all be eager to get back on the treadmill this New Year.

So if your New Year's resolutions are to get back into shape and fast in 2013, we've got some top tips to kickstart your exercise regime.

Get fast fitness results this New Year with our expert tips ©RexYahoo! Lifestyle UK caught up with Matt Lovell, Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer to the England Rugby team, to find out how to ensure your fitness programme makes a difference, fast.

Cut down

The first easy step (and a necessary one) is to give up all the trimmings that are associated with Christmas. Ditch the milk chocolate selection boxes (dark is fine all year round), puddings, huge portions of food and of course - no more alcohol.

Get sweaty

It’s now accepted in the exercise world that less is more. As long as you work intensively for short periods and work as hard as you can, you can safely cut back on endless hours of cardio, which frankly would bore the pants off anyone in two weeks or less – which explains all those failed resolutions.

If you don't like gyms, get a home exercise DVD – but choose one that works you hard. These can be quite handy as it'll still be dark for a while in the morning and evening so something you can do at home before getting outside in the spring is ideal.

Weights are a great way to tone muscles and keep body fat lowThe best idea is to do this type if high intensity, intermittent exercise along with some circuit weights or body weight exercises. One very important myth most women still believe in is that weights will make them big and muscle bound. Nothing could be further from the truth. Weights keep your bones strong, muscles toned and body fat low.

Lose fat not weight

Fast results are all about keeping shapely womanly muscles stocked up and burning whilst starving the nasty wobbly fat stores. In a nut shell, eat four meals each day, each with a palm-sized portion of protein and at least four palms of veggies (the ones which grown above the ground). Then add two thumbs of fats. Cutting out the fat disrupts hormones so it's best to keep eating some good fats like avocado, olive oil and walnuts.

There's also ‘free eating’ carbs like mushroom, salad leaves, sprouts, cucumber and celery. You should lose 6-10lb in four weeks, which isn't bad going really when you don't feel like you are dieting – rather changing the way you eat.

Occasional treats

Keep going on this until you feel like you have lost all the fat weight you need to and then each week you can have some time off the meat and veggies and indulge in an 'off' meal so something you've been looking forwards to, whatever that might be.

For more gradual fat loss or to maintain the figure you’ve worked hard on, you can keep starchy carbs (healthy ones) in at breakfast and for after you've trained.

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