Natalie Portman dazzles in new Miss Dior perfume advert

Black Swan star looks pretty in pink in first Dior commercial since her mascara ad was pulled for false advertising

Dior has released its first commercial starring Natalie Portman since its mascara advert with the actress was pulled for 'false advertising'.

Natalie, 31, appears in the TV advert for Miss Dior fragrance amid roses, pink dresses and romance to the theme of La Vie En Rose.

In typical summer romance style we see fresh-faced Natalie with rose-pink lips, dressed in girly pink prom dresses and driving off with her love in a open top sports car. And of course falling onto soft beds of multi-pink rose, as you do.

Natalie's previous collaboration with Dior resulted in her mascara advert being banned after the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) ruled that it was unrealistic and would mislead customers.

It turned out rival makeup brand L'Oreal had reported the ad to the ASA for investigation.

In the ad, which is directed by Sophia Coppola, plays it safe in comparison to Keira Knightley's recently-banned Coco Mademoiselle ad for Chanel. Instead of the suggestive sexuality of Keira, we're shown the sweet, innocent side of Natalie, frolicking in a fountain.Natalie in the print campaign for Miss Dior clutching a giant bottle of the perfume

Along with the TV campaign, we'll be seeing Natalie's beautiful face in print in adverts for Miss Dior Eau de Toilette and Miss Dior Silky Soap. We're rather coveting the giant bottle of Miss Dior she's clutching in the picture.

She's also joined on the Dior books by newly-Oscar'd Jennifer Lawrence, 22, whose first adverts for the brand launched last week.

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Though Natalie was absent from the Oscars this year, her fellow Dior name Charlize Theron glowed in a stunning white outfit, showing off her pixie-cropped hair.