Is the MY Single Band the future of dating? We seriously hope not

MY Single Band – a bracelet that says you’re basically single and ready to mingle - set to become the ‘newest dating craze’?

First it was online dating, then it was Tinder - now there’s a new dating service on the block.

MY Single Band is a bracelet that basically tells people out there that you’re single – pretty cringeworthy, right?

Is the MY Single Band the future of dating? [MY Single Band]For £6, you can invest in a rubber band that ‘identifies your single status’ to the rest of the world.

Coming in seven bright colours, the silicone bracelet is the brainchild of British-Danish couple Rina Mardahl and Rob Young – with the first letters of their surname making up the ‘MY’ part of the bracelet.

And as if it’s not embarrassing enough parading your single status around on your arm, the bracelets are embossed with the words Fate, Destiny and Future.

If that doesn’t make a potential love interest run a mile, we don’t know what will.

The MY Single Band is the brainchild of British-Danish couple Rina Mardahl and Rob Young [My Single Band]Rina and Rob say the bracelets should 'increase new encounters, lower the fear of first introductions, and suit busy modern lifestyles.’

They believe the MY Single Band is a revolutionary concept that will soon identify singles in the same way that a wedding ring says you’re married.

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“MY Single Band not only impresses upon others that there is so much choice out there, but also where that choice lies,” said the couple.

Whatever happened to going for a drink? We think we’ll stick to the traditional route, thanks.

The bracelets come in seven different colours - which will you choose? [My Single Band][Find love online at]

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