Mumsnet throws its support behind No More Page Three campaign

The online parenting communtiy joins Russell Brand and list of MPs calling for the removal of topless women from The Sun

Mumsnet has given its support to the fast-growing campaign to remove topless women from Page Three.

The online parenting forum, which boasts over 10 million visitors each month, has thrown its considerable weight behind the movement that calls for an end to the infamous pictures in The Sun.

Mumsnet is the latest organisation to give their support to the 'No More Page Three' campaign

‘Norks’ (breasts) are great but they are definitely not news, according to the online parenting community.

‘Here at Mumsnet, we're big fans of norks, as you know: after all, they can feed a baby, squish a loved one, and (if you're lucky) provide a handy shelf.

‘But much as we love them, they're really not - in any sense - news. So, following on from this discussion we're very pleased to announce that we're getting behind the No More Page 3 campaign.’

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Its support comes not long after reformed sex addict Russell Brand was snapped holding a ‘No More Page Three’ t-shirt on Twitter with the caption: ‘And finally, through the love of a good woman, teenage, sexist me was slain. #nomorepage3’

The campaign began back in summer 2012 after founder Lucy Holmes was horrified to see that the largest picture of a woman in The Sun was on Page Three, despite the fact that Jessica Ennis had just won a gold medal.

Russell Brand cited girlfriend Jemima Khan as the reason he was supporting the campaign [Twitter/RustyRockets]

In the months since, its petition has collected over 130,000 signatures from men and women who want to see an end to gratuitous female nudity alongside news.

One of the core arguments of the campaign is the effect on children exposed to the best-selling newspaper in the UK, who see page after page of men in suits and sports kits and women in just their knickers.

As well as civilian signatories, numerous politicians have given their support to the campaign including Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham and Nadine Dorries.

To sign the petition and find out more about ‘No More Page Three’ visit

What do you think of the campaign? Let us know over on Twitter.

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