The 10 most unwanted Christmas gifts revealed

In the UK more than 21 million gifts are expected to be unwanted this Christmas, with each of us receiving around £40 worth of presents we don’t want or need

A massive 21.4 million Christmas presents given in the UK this year will be unwanted, according to new research. Each of us will receive around £40 worth of gifts we just don’t want.

And what’s more, a fifth of us won’t even remember who gave us what – whether we appreciated the gift or not!

The 10 most unappreciated gifts are:

1. Smellies/ beauty products (31 per cent)
2. Christmas novelty gifts (23 per cent)
3. Hat/scarf/gloves (17 per cent)
4. Woolly jumper (14 per cent)
5. Book (13 per cent)
6. Box of chocolates (12 per cent)
7. Socks (11 per cent)
8. Slippers (nine per cent)
9. CDs/DVDs (nine per cent)
10. A new bag (six per cent)

The poll of  more than 2,000 people by charity Sightsavers also found that a fifth of us manage to get rid of offending presents within two months, with a further fifth burying them in the back of the wardrobe or even chucking them out.

The charity conducted the survey to highlight how much money goes to waste each Christmas and encourage people to consider charity presents instead.

Sightsavers’ ambassador Lorraine Kelly, who visited the charity’s sight saving work in Kenya, said: “For a small amount of money you can transform someone’s life – taking them from the misery of blindness to a future of independence, often for as little as £8. That’s why I’m supporting the Gift of Sight this Christmas.

"Each and every gift really does have the power to make an incredible difference to someone’s sight and life.”

Do you give charity Christmas presents? Are they appreciated? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter.

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