Monsters Inc. 3D inspires funky, furry nail art designs

Nail art enthusiast from Birmingham recreates her favourite Monsters Inc characters as nail art, to pay homage to the new Disney film out this week

A talented nail artist from Birmingham has brought Monsters Inc to her fingertips with intricate 3D designs based on the movie’s characters.

Student Kayleigh O’Connor showed off her handful of monsters on Twitter and Facebook, saying how excited she is to see the upcoming 3D movie.Monsters Inc comes to nails - we want Sully-fur fingertips! ©KayleighOC

The nails show the Monsters Inc logo on the pinky, with Mike and a furry Sully on the next two fingers.

Boo appears, dressed up in her alien costume from the original film and the door to her bedroom takes over Kayleigh’s thumb.

The nail enthusiast, who is actually studying for a media degree, has created a whole host of funky nails inspired by TV and film, including Dr Who (with The Tardis on the thumb), Batman, Gremlins and Lord of the Rings.

How much do we want our own set?!

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