Shapewear as skincare - Triumph launches moisturising control underwear

Triumph releases intelligent underwear that contains moisturising ingredients that condition your skin as it disguises your lumps and bumps

Triumph’s new shapewear range is set to launch, ready to smooth us out in more ways than one.

The underwear brand’s new control range - Light Sensation - will not only give us an even profile, it also promises to nourish our skin while it does it, containing moisturising ingredients to soothe the skin.Look amazing, have amazing skin. Yes please! ©Triumph

The range is due to launch for SS13 and is all made from super-soft micro-fibre, imbued with microcapsules of aloe vera, which will moisturise the skin for up to 100 washes.

Aloe vera comes from the plant of the same name, which has been used for centuries for its skin soothing, mending and restoring properties.

It’s not the first time clothing companies have harnessed the power of skincare within their fabrics.

Wrangler recently launched a similarly-moisturising pair of jeans, and another that promise a reduction in cellulite. The range is in bright colours and looks more appealing than shapewear of old ©Triumph

Last year gold particles were even used in shapewear to give skin the ultimate VIP treatment, supposedly oxygenating the skin and reducing cellulite, lumps and bumps.

And it’s good news for those of us who can’t bear our reflection when we’ve donned a pair of ‘scary stomach-holding-in-pants’. The unflattering plain and nude varieties of shapewear appear to be a thing of the past. Triumph’s range will be available in seasonal pinks and purples, which start from £28.

This shape range is of medium-shaping strength but can be layered for a more dramatic fat-sucking-in effect. In the collection there is a variety of tummy tucking, thigh skimming shorts, knickers and vests that disappear beneath your outer-wear.

Triumph shapewear will also (hopefully not) be seen on the catwalk at this season’s London Fashion Week, as the official lingerie supplier.