Men think drinking alcohol makes them more attractive – but women disagree

Almost half of women find their drunken partner a turn-off

A third of British men reckon they’re more attractive to women when they’ve had a few drinks. But women don’t agree.

According to new research by Cancer Research UK, only 13 per cent of us find our partner more attractive when he’s been drinking, while 44 per cent reckon it’s a bit of a turn-off.Men might think a bottle or two losens them up, but women aren't sure it's a good idea ©Rex

It seems many men falsely believe they’re better lovers after a night out drinking too (20 per cent) and 43 percent think that alcohol makes them funnier.

Compare this with what women think and there’s quite a gulf. Of the 4,000 people polled, 42 per cent of the women said their partner was definitely not better in bed after drinking and 30 per cent failed to find him any funnier either.

According to the survey answers, single men are more likely to believe drinking boosts their chance of securing the interest of the ladies and almost a third admitted they needed the Dutch courage booze gave them to make a move.

But those moves might actually be thwarted by drinking. Though 40 per cent of men consider themselves better dancers with a few units inside them, 37 per cent of women insisted that alcohol doesn’t improve their man’s shapes on the dance floor.

The research is part of a drive to encourage Brits to give up alcohol for a month in January. Cancer research spokesman Ed Aspel said: “We wanted to explore some of the myths we thought men held on to about how they appeared to the opposite sex after a drink or two.

“The fact that 42 per cent of all women hate it when their partners are drunk is a pretty good incentive to give Dryathlon a go and stay off the booze for a month.”

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