Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Get Married! And He Didn't Wear A Hoodie

Mark Zuckerberg Get Priscilla Chan Married! And He Didn't Wear A Hoodie.

The bride wore a $4,700 Claire Pettibone dress… but all eyes weren’t on Priscilla Chan’s wedding gown: they were on Mark Zuckerberg’s suit - proof the man does own something other than a hoodie. The facebook founder married his girlfriend of nine years this weekend in a surprise ceremony in his backyard.

Mark Zuckerberg Get Priscilla Chan Married! And He Didn't Wear A Hoodie.

It was abusy weekend for the Zuck… Not content with floating his company – a move that brought him an astounding $19 billion – and celebrating his 28th birthday, the dotcom billionaire also got himself a wife. The couple, who met at Harvard, had been planning the wedding for five months but kept it secret from everyone. Their friends thought they’d been invited to a party to celebrate Priscilla graduating from medical school at the University of California. But instead they rocked up at the facebook founder’s $7million house for a wedding ceremony in their backyard. The guests ate sushi and chocolate mice – and oohed and ahhed at the ‘simple ruby ring’ that Zuckerberg designed especially for Priscilla.
The modest ceremony is typical of the iWAG – tech wives and girlfriends – crew. Last month Grazia spoke to Kaitlyn Trigger, who’s dating one of the founders of Instagram. When the tech company was sold to Facebook for £1b, she celebrated with her boyfriend Mike Krieger by having, er, a burger….

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