Make your own Creme Eggs this Easter with food blogger's how to

Addicted to Cadbury's Creme Eggs? Now you don't have to buy up a stash, food blogger Ashley Rodriguez has revealed how you can make your own

Imagine having Cadbury's Creme Eggs all year round - well now you can! Though the Easter 'window' for Creme Egg sales is ever-widening, there are still a few months in the year where the springtime treats aren't available.

So food blogger Ashley Rodriguez, of food blog Not Without Salt, has come up with a homemade recipe to ensure we can enjoy Creme Eggs at Christmas if we want to - and she's even got rid of the 'unpronounceable' ingredients.

Making your own Creme Eggs is easy and makes a great Easter gift ©Ashley Rodriguez

"While the process might seem a bit daunting, the reward far exceeds the effort for this classic spring treat that uses ingredients you can actually pronounce," Ashley explains at the start of her recipe.

To make 15 to 20 eggs:


1/2 cup Lyle's golden syrup (or corn syrup)
6 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 drops orange blossom water (optional)
1 vanilla bean, seeds removed (optional)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
12oz icing sugar
12 oz dark chocolate (or dark chocolate chips)They may look a little less factory formed but these home made Creme Eggs taste fab ©Ashley Rodriguez


1. Place butter, golden syrup, salt, orange blossom water (if using), vanilla seeds, and vanilla extract into a bowl and mix well by hand or with an electric mixer.

2. Place a third of the mixture into a bowl and add yellow food colouring until you get the rich, yolk colour.

3. Put both the yellow and white mixtures into the freezer for around 15 minutes so it's cold enough to work with.

4. Start with the yellow mixture and form in teaspoon sized balls - which will be your yolks.
Roll the yellow sugar mix into balls and wrap with the white to form Creme Egg inside ©Ashley Rodriguez
5. Put your yolks on a tray and back into the freezer to stay cold and then work on your egg whites. Use a tablespoon to make these the right size and roll into balls. Then flatten the white in the palm of your hand and wrap each around a yellow yolk ball to create your fully formed egg.

(you may need to return either or both bowls to the freezer to cool down if the heat of your hands makes them difficult to work with)

6. When your eggs are complete, return them to the freezer and turn your attention to your chocolate.

7. Melt your chocolate in the microwave, putting it on for 30 seconds, stir and then again in 20 second intervals until you have a smooth, liquid chocolate.

You can try tempering the chocolate to give it a smooth, more even surface. Add a tablespoon of oil if you try …

8.Take your eggs out of the freezer one by one and stick a cocktail stick in the end. Holding this, dip you egg into the chocolate to get an even covering. Then use the cocktail stick to stand the egg upright to dry - try sticking them into a potato or similar vegetable.

9. Return the eggs to the fridge for 10 minutes. When they've chilled and the chocolate has hardened, take out the cocktail stick and dot a little chocolate on the end to cover the hole.

10. Eat immediately or create a cute gift by placing into a nest.

More recipes by Ashley can be found on her blog, Not Without Salt.

Though Easter themed, we can enjoy Creme Eggs all year round ©Ashley Rodriguez


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