Marc Jacobs' ex Lorenzo Martone launches eye-catching designer bicycles

Move over Pashley, your reign as status symbol wheel-candy is about to be overtaken by new designer bike brand about town Martone

Style-conscious cyclists rejected lycra and trouser clips long ago, and now bicycling heads to new fashion heights.

Marc Jacobs' ex, Lorenzo Martone is launching a new range of chic bikes, set to push Pashley of its pedestal.

Lorenzo Martone's eye-catching bicycles look at home on the wall and the road

Anyone who's ever eyed up a fellow cyclist's bike at traffic lights or browsed through hours of bicycle porn online will be intrigued to see the three new ladies' bikes in the range created by Lorenzo, a 'multi-talented creative', according to Refinery29.

Lorenzo decided to design bikes that looked as stylish propped up against the wall in his apartment as they do on the road.

He told the site: "My decision came from a simple drive in life: 'Work on something you love and it won't feel like work,' as well as moving into the the West Village and realizing that my bike would now have to be in the living room — I figured it had to look amazing!"

Describing cycling as 'transportation for the brave'', since his breakup from designer Marc Jacobs in 2011, the Brazlian has put his efforts into his cycling venture - Martone Cycling Co.

The Brazilian 'creative' has put his effort into his bicycle business since splitting from fiance Marc Jacobs  …
"I do think they [bikes] make people look sexier, because bikes are nostalgic, romantic, adventurous, outdoorsy and healthy," he added.

The bicycles are all priced at $900 (£590), which will buy you a pretty decent starter road bike, so we're hoping the spec lives up to the price (unless you're happy to use them as wall decoration rather than to commute).

Available in black, white, red, gold and silver, the bikes are super light at 28lbs and are typically trendy single-speed.

The also feature a very handy front basket for carrying your essentials.

One down side we can see already - they're definitely going to catch the eye of bike burglers, so be sure to lock up your wheels.