Look what’s coming to London: Zara opens eco-friendly flagship store in New York by throwing an amazing party and by giving us exclusive access to their latest collection that is yet to land in store here on British soil!

When Grazia got an invite by Zara’s parent group Inditex to join them in New York for the opening of their largest US Zara store and the first of their new global eco-friendly concept stores – we knew we were in for a treat. After all, flying out an entire team of journalists from the UK, Spain and other parts of Europe, across the Atlantic was a pretty good indication that we were in for a stellar bash, not to be missed!

Located in one of the most sought after locations in New York, Zara 666 Fifth Avenue stands on prime real estate and has been designed to represent the history and glamour of uptown NY. Over more than 32,000 square feet and spread over three floors, the store employs more than 450 staff…yikes, that’s a lot of management!

Whilst we did have a lot of fun at the launch party we did manage to get down to doing some work (ie.shopping, ahem we mean research!) and spotted quite a few amazing pieces that have yet to drop into UK stores. But if you have ever wondered how Zara managed to have so many amazing pieces in such a short space of time, here’s the science…

  • Zara has a unique business plan which means they produce what their customers want to buy, not what they want to design leaving the possibility it won’t sell. Constant analysis of what pieces, colours, sizes and trends are being bought means they produce more and more of what we want to buy. Yippee!
  • 50% of Zara collections are made in Spain. Their most trend led pieces and more intricate fabrics are made close to home to ensure fast turnarounds and excellent quality.
  • Zara employs twice as many employees as other high street brands. They have one team for Autumn/Winter and one team that works on Spring/Summer so they can meet the climate requirements of both hemispheres!
  • Stores across the globe place orders for new stock twice a week and will receive their merchandise within 36hrs in Europe or 48hrs max across the rest of the globe.
  • Their new sustainable Fifth Avenue store will save 42% of power and overall 52& of the power used by the Inditex group comes from renewable sources.

Check out our sneak peek of the amazing Fifth Avenue store below and our top buys to look out for over the coming weeks!

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