London College of Fashion MA runway show - AW13

London College of Fashion MA students demonstrated their collections at the Royal Opera House for London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is as much the place to discover fresh new designers and London-inspired talent as to see top end couture collections.

For that reason, one of our most anticipated runway shows at this season’s LFW was the London College of Fashion’s MA students’ work. And we weren’t disappointed.<p>Maddalena Mangialavori's crochet dress with gold fringing ©Rex</p>

Kicking off the show was work by Maddalena Mangialovori. Her womenswear collection was a highlight with tight-weave knit and crochet dresses and striking gold fringing on the hems and cuffs of many pieces.

The unexpectedly ready-to-wear collection was a mix of workwear dresses, fitted coats and high platforms in a fairly neutral colour palette of tweeds, olive greens, nudes, browns and creams.

Unified themes across much of the womenswear collections were pale colours with plenty of whites and creams, loose fitting clothes, wide trousers and a mixture of wedged flats and skyscraper heels. We also felt a definite nod to the sixties.

Nadia Scullion showcased sixties-esque designs with flat gym-style sneakers, oversized totes and backpacks, and mixed fabrics in pale blues, creams and yellow.<p>Sixties style smock dresses in light colours with oversized bags and wedges ©Rex</p>

Mustard yellow popped up later in Sian Davies’ designs, with tight maxi skirts in stretchy fabric paired with unusual cut blouses and chunky wedged flats (that some of the models seemed to find rather tricky to walk in). We also saw outfits combining patent fabric with softer material and super high neutral wedges.

A departure from the neutral colours was seen in Yi Xie’s collection, who instead went for bold combinations of blue, yellow, purple and hot pink.

We loved the new style of body con on display, using shaded lines to create contours to match natural curves and with trademark narrow ruffles that give the dresses texture.Bodycon dresses and trouser suit at the LCF show ©Rex

And if wouldn’t be LCF without some more off-the-wall styles. Though the designs showcased by the MA students are infinitely more wearable than what we saw last summer from the BA fashion design students, Keiko Nishiyama kept up the innovation and oddity with her heavily printed fabrics, unusual cut dresses and trouser suits and floral printed tights with oversized winkle picker shoes. <p>Floral prints and oversized winkle pickers. Thank the style gods for fashion students ©Rex</p>

Hair and make up were minimal throughout, with tousled bed-hair for the most part centre parted with a grunge tinge. Eyes and lips were both neutral with highlighted cheekbones in pale rose.

You can see some of the LCF MA AW13 show in person at the Victoria House Basement.