A Little Bird Told Me discount is not a dirty word! at Clothes Show 2012

Jen shares her discount shopping tips

Today, a Little Bird Told Me that 'discount' is not a dirty word, as there are plenty of other credible retailers out there that offer discounts. So, if you want to know how to bag a bargain without participating in a Primark scrum, read Jen from A Little Bird Told Me's tips on discount shopping, which she shared with us at the Clothes Show Live 2012.

How to Buy Cheap First-Hand Clothes

1) Search for discount codes online, as there are many leading websites such as vouchercode.co.uk to choose from, with this one actually comparing all of the current discount codes around, as to find you the best bargain! It's a great way to save… but terrible for your bank account.

2) Check retailers' own sites for discounts, as stores like ASOS even have their own 'ASOS_Discounts, which can add up to great savings.

3) Follow your favourite retailers on Twitter, because if they have any promotions on, it's always advertised here first.

4) Check out events just like the Clothes Show Live, which take place throughout the country, as there are always great discounts and promotions taking place on pretty much every stall.

5) Visit sample sales! For those of you, who aren't quite sure as to what a sample sale actually is, it's just when a retailer sells off any surplus or pre-production stock at a discounted price. Plus, even higher end brands throw sample sales too, so, they're definitely worth checking out!

6) Go to your local factory outlets. Now, this one may be quite the no brainer, but most people often dismiss the great savings you can make on clothes at these places.

Where to buy the Best Vintage

For those of you wanting to get your mitts on discounted clothing that isn't brand new, then, here's Jen's best vintage finding tips:

1) Check out your local charity shops, as the prices are always extremely low, and lots of the time, the charity shop workers don't even recognize the worth of a vintage designer piece, so, you really can get it at a fraction of its cost. For instance, the pink dress that Jen is pictured wearing only cost £3 from a charity shop!

2) Go to car boot sales. Now, car boot sales can often have a rubbish image, but don't knock it until you've tried it, as you never know just what kind of bargain could be found there. Jen for instance, managed to find a genuine Hermes purse, and paid only £4, when it would usually retail at around £200. Car boots do however tend to close at this time of year until around May.

3) Get shopping on Ebay, - a no brainer really, but be vigilant, as a lot of fakes can often be sold here, so make sure that you're really buying a bargain.

4) Go shopping at vintage fairs, like Judy's Vintage Fair, as they are full of unique vintage pieces that make a great buy for special occasions, and usually cost you less than on the high-street.

5) Check out pre-loved designer sales, which is a concept whereby people sell high end items at discounted prices. It's not the cheapest method of vintage shopping, but still pretty reasonable.

Sarah's Top 5 Tips to Discount Shopping

1) Do your research

2) Get there early, - as the best bargains go first.

3) Be vigilant, - you have to watch out for fakes!

4) Haggle, - most sellers always bring the prices down for you.

5) Don't buy something discounted just for the sake of it, if deep down you know that you'll never wear it!