Lana Del Rey Works Barbarella Hair!

Lana Del Rey Works Barbarella Hair!Lana Del Rey Works Barbarella Hair!

Lana Del Rey adds some height to her tresses

There must be something in the air this week; yesterday we spotted that the likes of Kristen Stewart, J Lo and Cheryl Cole have been working tousled tossed-over-one-shoulder 80’s manes and now Lana del Rey has transported us back in time with her towering bouffant Barbarella style barnett.

The gorgeous singer, who also played at the very muddy Isle of Wight Festival on the weekend, was spotted in London leaving for her gig at the Radio One Big Weekend Festival on Sunday wearing half of her hair piled up in a MEGA way, while the rest was left to fall in loose, soft looking waves (which f.y.i - we love). The vintage lover coupled the look with thick black, eyeliner flicks, channelling the late Amy Winehouse’s signature style. It also appears that she has finally topped up her auburn colour too and covered up those embarrassing blonde roots that were clear to see in Milan four days ago. Top marks all round Ms Del Rey.

The style reminds us very much of the amazing DSquared2 show in Milan where session stylist supreme Sam McKnight actually described the towering dos as “"It's a little bit Lana Del Rey, a little bit 80s prom queen." Fabulous or what?

Lana Del Rey Works Barbarella Hair!Lana Del Rey Works Barbarella Hair!

Models backstage at the DSquared2 autumn/winter 2012 show

LDR’s hair has, quite literally been a bit up and down of late. Just 3 days before bouffant-gate we spotted her porting a very different style. Whilst the chameleon still sported her trademark half up, half down do- it had a notably different height to it. Half of those of those luscious locks were pulled flat against her head in a much more relaxed style. We approve of both versions here at Grazia HQ and only wish our comparably, lacklustre hair could compete. Well we guess you wouldn’t expect anything less from the new face of H & M after all…

By Chiara Merullo

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