Kylie Minogue could be the latest Photoshop fail victim on the cover of Elle

Pint-sized popstar seems even smaller than usual as it appears airbrushing has removed part of her leg in the covershoot for Elle Magazine

Kylie Minogue could be the latest victim of a Photoshop fail, judging by her new cover shoot.

The singer, who is celebrating 25 years at the top of the music business this year, looks striking in a pose for the cover of the UK edition of Elle Magazine.

Kylie's leg appears to end unnaturally at the ankle ©Elle Magazine

Yet Kylie, who stands on one leg for the shot, appears to have lost her foot in the process.

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The princess of pop poses with one leg tucked under her, yet her toes aren't visible from her perch.

Her stance has prompted speculation that they've been accidentally airbrushed off - that or she's become an expert at yoga and contorting her tiny frame into all sorts of positions.

She’s not the only celeb who appears to have suffered at the mouse clicks of an over-excited airbrusher recently. Kate Middleton was given a baby bump, a Victoria’s Secret model lost her upper arm, and Christina Aquilera’s slimmed down appearance (not to mention three elbows) in her Royal Desire perfume advert caused quite a stir.

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Do you think Kylie has fallen victim to the airbrushing tool? Or is she just showing off her ballerina balance skills?

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