Get that Kitchen Look: Allegra McEvedy

Get that Kitchen Look: Allegra McEvedy

In the first of our Get that Kitchen Look series, we watch Allegra McEvedy make bok choy fritters in the comfort of her own home, then find the same(ish) kitchen equipment to hers online. 

boardAllegra likes her chopping boards chunky, and in this video she uses it for dicing chillies, shallots and bok choy. We’ve found a very similar one (which comes in light or dark wood, and has handy finger grooves) at The Cooks Kitchen for just shy of £25.

spoonEvery home cook should have a pair of measuring spoons. Allegra has plumped for circular ones and we’ve found almost the exact same pair at Yate Supplies for £5.29. Alterantively, go quirky with these 'pinch, dash, smidgen' spoons from Amazon.

bowlStainless steel bowls are perfect for almost every type of mixing. Here Allegra uses a very large one to make her bok choy fritters batter – we’ve found a look-alike at Dunelm Mill for £1.99, plus plenty more of differing sizes. They're also ideal for making cakes in.

kettleWhat a fashionable orange pot kettle, Allegra! (Can you spot it, hiding near the stove?) It looks very Le Creuset to us… the one we found is indeed Le C, and is a beautiful flame colour. But you have to pay a price for all that beauty (and the fact that it's enamel on steel) - £85.

bowlAllegra serves her tamarind dip in a beautiful blue-rimmed white bowl. It's a great way to add a bit of colour to your dining table. The Legend Cook Shop does the same kind of navy-on-white enamel bowls in all different shapes and sizes, starting at £1.99.

panIt’s no good trying to deep-fry in a normal frying pan. You'll do yourself damage! Do as Allegra does and get yourself a proper piece of kit - a deep frying pan - for perfect fritters every time. Check out Dunelm Mill for a decent £29.99 option.

boardWhat better way to serve tasty little titbits than on a round, oaky board? Forget granite - wood is what all the fashionable chefs are doing nowadays. We found a similar one at The Cooks Kitchen for £22. They're very handy for serving hot food, too.

Do you like Allegra's kitchen? Is it similar to yours? Talk to us in the Comments section below.


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