Kimberley Walsh on how she’s keeping her ‘Strictly’ body (and bum)

Girls Aloud star dropped a dress size on Strictly Come Dancing, and now Kimberley is keen to stay toned

Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh was recently papped on the beach looking rather stunning in a bikini. Her svelte figure is obviously down to her Strictly training, which has done wonders for her tone.

Gorgeous before she started her intense dance training, the singer is now super toned with a washboard tum to die for. Kimberley Walsh with Strictly dance partner Pasha in training ©Rex

But now she’s stopped the daily rehearsals for the show, how’s she planning to keep her muscle definition?

“I can’t really work or train any harder than I did through Strictly, so if that’s how I look It’s tough,” Kimberley says of the Barbados shots. “I haven’t done any exercise yet as I went on holiday, but I needed to let my body recover a bit.”

In the interview with OK magazine, she adds that she’s due to head back to Girls Aloud tour rehearsals soon and hopes that training will be enough to stay firm.

“I hardly lost any weight as it turned to muscle, but I lost 7cm off my hips, which is quite a lot,” she explains. 

“It’s all the junk in the trunk that went down!” she jokes, referring to the fan club that’s sprung up in appreciation of her bottom (it has its own Twitter account). 

Kimberley discusses her solo career in OK!
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“I’ve always been small on top. I dropped a size and my stomach has muscle definition now, although I don’t know how long it’s going to last. I’m now a size 10 on the bottom and an 8 on top, instead of being sizes 12 and 10. I don’t know if I can keep it that way, we’ll see.”

She added that she has a small home gym that she heads to three days a week for toning exercises – squats, lunges and press-ups.

“I feel that if you’re a bit firmer, you tend to keep the weight off easier.”

Anyone else inspired to take up ballroom dancing?

Full interview in OK Magazine, out now.