Drinking in pregnancy - Kim Kardashian's 'drinking' twitpic leads to questions about alcohol while pregnant

A photo of Kim Kardashian drinking has caused a forore about consuming alcohol in pregnancy, even though the snap was old - should mums-to-be ever have a tipple?

Pregnant Kim Kardashian has faced criticism on Twitter after her sister Khloe posted an old picture of her sipping a glass of wine.

Without realising the photo was old, many of her followers have slammed the mum-to-be, 31, for appearing to be drinking alcohol during her pregnancy.Khloe Kardashian posted a picture of Kim drinking - before she got pregnant ©Khloe Kardashian/Twitter

Although Kim wasn't drinking at all (the picture was part of a series of tweets for her brother's birthday, taken before Kim wast expecting), it's led to questions about what's safe to drink during pregnancy.

The Twitter storm threw up differing opinions on drinking in pregnancy so we asked the experts whether we're unnecessarily shocked by the sight of a mum-to-be with a glass in hand.

"There is a stigma and it’s an appropriate stigma," Dr Sneh Khemka, medical director at Bupa International tells us. "Drinking in pregnancy is generally not a good idea and there's a reason we stigmatise it."

Should pregnant women be giving up drinking altogether?

"Generally as a rule of thumb, don’t do it," Dr Khemka says. "And certainly don’t drink in first three months. It's the liver that breaks down alcohol and it takes quite a long time to form in a growing baby, so particularly in the early stages it can't process any alcohol drunk by the mother."A very occasional drink won't do you any harm but more than that has serious health implications ©Rex

"After three months it’s fine to have an occasional drink but it's important to realise that this really is occasional - maybe at Christmas or on a birthday. You can drink up to one unit in a week and two is acceptable but it shouldn't be an every-week thing."

(A unit is about half a pint of beer, a 175ml glass of wine or a single spirit.)

t's quite regularly the case that women don’t realise they're pregnant and carry on drinking. You can’t beat yourself up about that – but when you do find out, the best you can do is stop drinking immediate and do everything you can to be as healthy as possible for the rest of your pregnancy.

"Feeling guilty won’t help you or the baby. Bupa has a huge resource of pregnancy health information to help you give your baby the best start."