Kelly Osbourne shares her Hollywood diet secrets with real women

Three women from the UK meet up with Kelly Osbourne to spend a week learning all about her weight loss tips

Kelly Osbourne is set to share her tips for beating the bulge once and for all with viewers of ITV1’s Lorraine.

In early December Kelly took three women to LA to give them the opportunity to spend a week with her diet and fitness team on the Hollywood diet.

Kelly Osbourne with Nicola, Esta and Andrea in LA © ITV/Lorriane

One of the lucky women who set out to lose weight with Kelly is Esta, from Scotland, who wants to lose three stone on the Hollywood diet.

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In a promo video Esta - who is chef - talks about her biggest weakness being her love for sweet treats.

She said: “It’s really hard here because I’ve always worked with food and around food, that’s been my biggest problem. You know I’ve got food but there’s cake there.”

Esta lost weight for her daughter’s wedding but put it back on after her mum’s death. As the oldest of the three women on the challenge, adopting a healthy lifestyle now is important to the 62-year-old.

Esta wanted to lose three stone using Kelly Osbourne's Hollywood diet © ITV/Lorriane

She explained: “I feel this is the last chance to get it right, and to make this commitment for life, for my children, grandchildren, for me and my mum.”

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Esta is joined by Nicola, a 27-year-old from Bolton, who will only set a wedding date with her partner once she has lost seven stone. and Andrea, 38, from Derbyshire who is a single mother after losing her husband. Since his death she has neglected herself to focus on her children.

Next week Lorriane viewers will see what the ladies got up to in LA and their amazing results will be revealed.

Kelly achieved a stunning body transformation with the help from a team of top fitness experts who also gave the women a complete health and fitness overhaul.

The women had dancing lessons with Louis Van Amstel © ITV/Lorriane

Kelly’s personal trainer, Fred Khorshidi who is fitness and nutrition expert will appear on in the TV segment with Louis Van Amstel, a dance instructor for dancing With The Stars who kick-started Kelly’s weight loss.

Also clinical therapist Carla Lundblade who deals with weight and food issues worked with the women.

Kelly said: “Working with the Lorraine show is so exciting for me because I know that communicating healthy living in a language that's easy to understand can be the key to changing someone's life. That's all it took for me.

“Healthy living has transformed my life and I'm so excited to be able to help anyone else who is motivated and ready to transform their own life in the same way.”

Kelly Osbourne’s Hollywood Diet continues on ITV1 Daybreak and Lorraine until 11th January. For more information see