Katie Holmes For Bobbi Brown: First Look At The Beauty Campaign!

Katie Holmes For Bobbi Brown: First Look At The Beauty Campaign!

Back in September the rumour mill started that two major firsts were on the beauty horizon.  1. That makeup genius Bobbi Brown was about to announce a celebrity face, never before has this happened in the makeup brands history and 2. the face in question is non other than Katie Holmes, a virgin to the beauty campaign market.  However, it has taken until now for the rumours to be confirmed, with the makeup brand finally releasing the news that yes, Katie Holmes is the new face of Bobbi Brown.

When you look at past Bobbi Brown ad campaigns, we can see why Katie was Bobbi's choice as the brands first ever celebrity face as she fits the Bobbi Brown bill perfectly!  Her pretty, universally appealing face, her amazing complexion and those doey eyes, the ideal canvas to showcase one of our favourite beauty brands.

Although Katie has fronted fashion brands such as Ann Taylor, H.Stern and Miu Miu, it's the first time that the 'girl-next-door' natural beauty has embarked on a beauty project and what a contract to snag! Can we expect a Bobbi Brown and Katie Holmes book next?  We hope so.  In fact, we're thinking that Katie might be the new Gwyneth Paltrow!

So if you like Katie's look in the new campaign shots, check out how to recreate the Katie's Bobbi Brown ad campaign look with their 'get-the-look' guide online or watch how-to create the 'Katie Holmes' look here with Bobbi Brown Senior Makeup Artist George Pelosi and GraziaDaily's Lauren Murdoch-Smith.


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