Kate Silverton speaks out about her ‘fearless’ baby Clemency

BBC journalist had miracle baby after four unsuccessful attempts at IVF

Kate Silverton has spoken of the relief that her 13-month-old daughter Clemency is happy and healthy.

The BBC newsreader had her ‘miracle baby’ despite four unsuccessful rounds of IVF and an operation to remove an ovary which led to doctors telling her she had literally no chance of conceiving naturally.

Kate Silverton with her 'miracle baby' Clemency and husband Mike © Kate Silverton / Twitter“She’s very inquisitive, like me, and very active. This week she learnt how to forward roll and seems unafraid of anything,” Kate, 42, told Hello! Magazine.

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Kate’s husband Mike Heron, a former Royal Marine, even sets up assault courses out of pillows to encourage Clemency to crawl.

“I set up assault courses on the landing with pillows to form tunnels. She’s not walking yet so she crawls through them. She’s very clever and alert,” said Mike.

Kate had baby Clemency despite being told she may never conceive naturally © Kate Silverton / TwitterClemency is also beginning to talk and communicate to her parents through nods and shakes of her head.

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“She can already say words like ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘dog’ and ‘duck’ and understands us and responds with nods, shakes of the head and chuckles,” added Mike.

The full interview with Kate appears in this week's Hello! magazine, out now“Like me she’s very laid back but enjoys jigging around the kitchen to Bob Marley with Kate.”

Kate also revealed her and Mike are looking to extend their family with a little brother or sister.

“We’d love another child, but if it doesn’t happen we’d be overjoyed to adopt a brother or sister for Clemency,” she added.