Jenny Frost shows off huge baby bump after recovering from same pregnancy sickness as Kate Middleton

After battling severe morning sickness, Jenny Frost’s pregnancy ‘lumps and bumps’ have made her feel sexier than ever, thanks to her appreciative partner Vinnie

Pregnant Jenny Frost has been enjoying her last trimester as her severe morning sickness has subsided, and she's happy to show off her huge twin baby bump.

The former Atomic Kitten star, 34, credits her husband, Vince ‘Vinnie’ Juan Spiteri, 38, for making her feel sexy and happy despite her changing shape.Jenny Frost is enjoying her twin pregnancy curves ©Closer

 “Being pregnant is a time when some women can feel insecure, but Vinnie has kept me feeling great about myself,” she said in an interview with Closer magazine.

“Even though I had my bump on show for this photo shoot, I felt quite sexy, rather than ‘mumsy.’ I’ve got a nice big belly, but I’ve not put on too much weight elsewhere apart from my bum, which I quite like.”

This is Jenny’s second pregnancy, she has a five year old son called Caspar from a previous relationship, but for her Vinnie, the whole experience is something new.

“It’s Vinnie’s first time as a dad and he can’t wait, but he’s more excited right now about my new lumps and bumps. Jenny Frost with her five-year-old son Caspar ©Rex

“He calls me ‘jamona.’ Apparently, it’s meant to be a compliment and means sexy, curvy woman. But the first time he said it I asked him: ‘Did you just call me a pig or a big piece of ham?’ as the words are quite similar in Spanish. Let’s just say he’s very happy with my extra pounds!”

Just like pregnant Kate Middleton, Jenny has struggled with severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) in her early pregnancy.  The full interview appears in this week’s Closer, on sale now (Tuesday)

At the time the Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalised it was suggested she too could be expecting twins, hyperemesis gravidarum is more common in twin pregnancies.

And as the Duchess enters her second trimester, hopefully she'll be starting to feel much better too.

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And though Jenny explains she’s tried to eat healthily, the morning sickness she’s battled has made her give in to her body’s demands and “…that’s usually chips and gravy!”

Jenny has been keeping a pregnancy blog, where she explains that because of the position the twins are in, her doctor has suggested a natural birth is ‘impossible’. But the singer is still hoping things might change before 35 weeks, when doctors will make the final decision.

Either way, the couple, who live in Ibiza, will be becoming two baby girls in the next few weeks. Congrats!